JWA$HJadon Washington, also known as JWA$H, is an artist, producer, and rapper born in Stamford, CT. He started writing raps at the age of eight and since then he has been passionate about hip-hop and making music in general. He believes that creativity is frustration leaving the body and his music truly embodies that. He is creating his own lane in hip-hop and hopes his contribution will inspire people to express themselves and create art.
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DREDre Scott is a 17 year old rapper, singer, and producer hailing from Connecticut. Dre began with production at the age of 13, honing his production skills before quickly expanding his talents to include rapping. He soon realized that his rapping was far more than just a complement to his production work and decided to focus his brand around the performance aspect of his skill set. Above all, Dre prides himself on his quick-witted lyricism, his ability to deliver unique, clever punchlines in a fast paced flow, and his a strong live performance skills.


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1619432_456851817783117_5379979709931347384_n_largeAusten (AURA) Albano 16. Greenwich CT. I longboard because I love the feeling of speed and it helps me with my other favorite thing, Surfing. I like Hash Life because it’s a company that goes with my chill mentality. It also is a great brand that goes with my style. I love HBC specifically for its theme of connectivity that ties in well with my music composition.